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My name is Liz and this is a collection of my ramblings and thoughts in the everyday scheme of things. I'm in love with BTR and our two pups, with a baby on the way this spring! I love designing pretty pieces of paper for others!
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When we found out we were pregnant and they told us the due date (4/14/14) we obviously immediately checked the Cardinals schedule. And the entire time we’ve joked about him being a week early and coming on opening day. Because of course I absolutely would want to have my baby on opening day.

Well guess who woke up with contractions and is about to have a baby on opening day?

Loving the bookshelf @BTRotz made for #babyrotz’s room!

I know this kid has another week left to cook before his official due date, but seriously I’m done.

Yes my to do list has never been longer, but let’s be honest, it will always be that long because I mark one thing off and add three more. And I know the exhaustion I’m feeling right now will be nothing compared to sleepless nights with a newborn.

But I’m done, just done.

I love a good spring thunderstorm.

I don’t love tornado sirens at 5:30 am.

Celebrating Kelli & Trevor at 38 weeks pregnant! #babyrotz