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Hello! My name is Liz! I'm in love with BTR, baby Jude, and our two pups (the namesakes of this blog). I love designing pretty pieces of paper for others!

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One of my favorite photos! With all my favorite people at my favorite place!

Let’s not forget the awesomeness that these wedding shoes were/are ;)

I hate sounding so braggy, but I seriously love these shoes so much and they were worth every cent and all the pain. Because yes, they cost a small fortune and yes they hurt my feet like woah.

Happy Anniversary @btrotz! I hope our next 75 years are as amazing as our first 4 years!

Best part of Jude’s baptism? Definitely the Lion King style presentation to the whole congregation!

Lazy evening on the back deck.

Today we had Jude baptized at St. Clare Church! He was perfect and didn’t cry at all!