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Hello! My name is Liz! I'm in love with BTR, baby Jude, and our two pups (the namesakes of this blog). I love designing pretty pieces of paper for others!

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It’s national pup day and I couldn’t love these two more! Besides the occasional Sophie and burp cloth stealing, they’ve been the best big sisters so far! #ellie #addie #nationaldogday

So I started another blog. No I’m. It abandoning tumblr, I love it here! But I need another outlet, and here we are.

So if you feel like it, stop by ellieandaddie.com and leave some love.

This little guy turned 4 months this past week. Where has the time gone?!! #babyrotz

BTR has always changed the words to songs so I love that he’s now doing it for Jude.

For example, “I’m so fancy” has turned into “I’m so cranky” or “I’m so gassy”. Just wanted to share that with the internets.

Here’s a video of the wall BTR built for Jude’s room!

Had a great time at the Midwest Belgian Beer Fest with @btrotz today! Thanks to @perennialbeer for hosting such an amazing event! And thanks to @beerbadger08 for taking our photo! ;) #MWBBF #craftbeer