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Hello! My name is Liz! I'm in love with BTR, baby Jude, and our two pups (the namesakes of this blog). I love designing pretty pieces of paper for others!

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BTR has always changed the words to songs so I love that he’s now doing it for Jude.

For example, “I’m so fancy” has turned into “I’m so cranky” or “I’m so gassy”. Just wanted to share that with the internets.

Here’s a video of the wall BTR built for Jude’s room!

Had a great time at the Midwest Belgian Beer Fest with @btrotz today! Thanks to @perennialbeer for hosting such an amazing event! And thanks to @beerbadger08 for taking our photo! ;) #MWBBF #craftbeer

Today’s agenda? Making fresh salsa and spaghetti sauce with all these tomatoes from our garden! #rotzgarden #squarefootgarden #tomatoes #southerngardenclub

The dogs have been so amazing with the baby so far. They are sweet to him, give him kisses, and even act concerned when he cries. I’m so excited for Jude to grow up and start playing with them and loving them back.

The dogs have not been good with the baby toys. I keep finding Sophie the Giraffe and rings/links in places I definitely did not leave them.

Jude’s first road trip to Cincinnati!

We went to the Cincinnati Nature Center with Aunt Lila, Aunt Ava, & Uncle Emmett!